Ensure That Japanese Knotweed Management is Part of Your Property Maintenance

Across the country many properties are infested with Japanese Knotweed and often the owners and property maintenance companies are not aware. The problem is often identified when a property is surveyed for selling purposes. That individual property owner then bears the responsibility of organising quotations and liaising with neighbouring owners and often having to finance the eradication.

There are many inexperienced Japanese Knotweed contractors now tabling expensive procedures which often do not work and worse still propose the illegal use of herbicides by overdosing resulting in the long term contamination of soils at the property.

SUDS Pond Maintenance
Contact KleerKut to discuss the contracts we can offer to maintain SUDS Ponds. This service includes grass cutting, general maintenace and eradication of invasive pondweeds.

General Weed Maintenance
KleerKut can carry out general weedkilling on parking areas and driveways. Including the eradication of horsetail which causes damage to footpaths and roads.


As a professional property manager ensure that your customers have a first class invasive weeds service.

Ensure That High Risk Properties are Checked for Japanese Knotweed
KleerKut Ltd would recommend using an experienced company to survey your properties - KleerKut provide a Free Identification Service.

Japanese Knoweed

KleerKut Offer A Free Identification Assessment

Identification of Japanese Knotweed can be difficult.

By simply emailing or texting several photographs KleerKut can give you peace of mind.

Ask for our Free Identification Card or Free Seminar enquiries@kleerkut.co.uk or text to 07703 166387.

Notifying Your Clients
KleerKut Ltd can provide standard letters for you to notify your customers to encourage management of any Japanese Knotweed infestation. These letters will also include identification charts and explain their legal requirements and difficulties that may be encountered if selling.

Use an experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialist?
Successful eradication of Japanese Knotweed requires experience and specialist knowledge.

Why Use KleerKut
KleerKut are experienced Japanese Knotweed Specialists who have been successfully managing and eradicating this invasive weed since 2006. We have a proven track record in the construction and commercial industries and are now approved Consultants and Contractors with many of the leading House Builders, Developers and Environmental Consultants.

Our methodologies are based on best practicable environmental options as recommended in the Japanese Knotweed Code of Practice.

Our use of herbicides complies with the Code of Practice For Using Plant Protection Products in Scotland.

KleerKut offer provide advice in relation to all invasive weeds including Giant Hogweed, Horsetail and Himalayan Balsam.

KleerKut are accredited members of a recognised Trade Association.


Property Care Association (PCA) - The Property Care Association are a recognised trade association who are setting the standards in the invasive weeds industry. The PCA carry out rigorous vetting which allows them to offer Trustmark accreditation to all members
KleerKut are accredited members of the Property Care Association.


TrustMark - Trustmark is a scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and the building industry to enable members of the public to find reputable firms to employ. The PCA are one of the founder scheme operators; setting high standards of service and quality for their members which allow them in turn to extend the offer of Trustmark accreditation.

KleerKut offer 5 year guarantees as standard, which can be extended if required. Insurance backed guarantees are also available if required by the lender.

If any property you are selling is suspected of being infested with Japanese Knotweed then call KleerKut for advice on 01555 890130 or email us at enquiries@kleerkut.co.uk